Mumbai is one of the gorgeous cities that have a lot to offer to its visitors. Being the home of Hindi Film Industry, Mumbai has not been hidden from the people all around the world. Geographically, this city is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra that houses many amazing cities like Pune. For its vibrant culture and cosmopolitan crowd, people like to be here to witness it in person. Mumbai has become of the most sought after places, where travelers like to chill and relax.


Talking about its population, you would find people from all the cultures and religions. Moreover, Mumbaikers are widely known for not poking their nose on other people’s matters and that’s what make migrants to commute here instead of any other city in the country. When it comes to tourism, Mumbai has always been high on it with some of the great landmarks, not to forget, the Gateway of India. As the city has the Arabian sea on its west, you can witness many great beaches in Mumbai. Some of the famous ones are Juhu, Gorai and Chowpatty.


These beaches offer great local food like Vda Pav, Pani Puri and are visited by both travelers and people residing in Mumbai. The 3 km long Marine Drive of the city has been known for providing great views of sunsets and sunrises to the people. You can see the crowd over it in sunny mornings and beautiful nights. Travelers have many other options like libraries, museums and more to explore in Mumbai that make them extend their holidays in the city.


Being the financial capital of India, the city houses some of the top-notch five star hotels to cater to the needs of business class travelers. The Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai stands tall in the city and known for their excellent hospitality. It offers the grandest of rooms with impeccable service to the travelers. Apart from five stars like The Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai, there are many cheap hotels for budget travelers that offer pleasant accommodation at incredibly low prices in the city that never sleeps.

Mumbai has always been looked up at for its vibrant lifestyle, sense of fashion and home to some of the very famous movie starts. It houses Bollywood, the Hindi Film Industry with Television Industry and Marathi Film Industry. Often it is dubbed as City of Dreams and can be put; the Mumbai dream to the country is as the American dream to the World. The different hues of this city are evident from its different cuisines, cosmopolitan crown and a wide variety of places and forms of worship.


In Mumbai, you would find everything from shopping to sight-seeing to food to the famous night life culture. Linking Road in Bandra and Fashion Street in town are two of the famous roadside shopping zones along with the wide variety of brand shopping centers in the city. You can hit the beach on a sunny afternoon and enjoy the tasty beach food like paani puri, Maharashtra’s own Vada Pav, Kulfi, Falooda and Mumbai’s signature sandwiches. Juhu, Gorai and Chowpatty are considered to be the most popular beaches in Mumbai. People who like to admire the nature’s beauty and prefer less crowd, Gorai beach is the place for you.


Mumbai had picked up the pace in the development of malls in the last decade. Today, the city boasts of some of the great malls in the country. Palladium is the recent addition to the list. It is located at Phoenix Mills in Powai and houses some of the designer brands like Burberrys, Versace and Gucci. This mall has been flanked with great restaurants including California Pizza that acts as a pleasant change from the various other mass markets Pizza services.


No doubt, there is no dearth of luxury hotels in Mumbai. Along with these, you can easily find budget hotels here. These offer comfortable accommodation with modern facilities to their guests. Some of the great budget hotels in Mumbai are Hotel Woodland, Hotel Ace Residency, Hotel Sharada Internationla and Hotel Red Palm Residency. These budget hotels in Mumbai put in all the efforts to make you feel comfortable in their premises.

Mumbai is one of the most visited cities in India. Situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra in the western region, this city is counted among the amazing cities of the country. Mumbai is known for its pristine beaches and the major landmark – The Gateway of India. But the city is much more than this. On a trip to this city, you can explore its different colors hidden in every street and road.

orchid hotel mumbai

Mumbai has housed some of the most reputable multi-national companies along with Indian companies with bid turnovers. Hence, the city is undeniably described as the business capital of India. The most talked about Hindi Film Industry, creating buzz all over the Globe is also located in this city, providing employment to a large number of people. You would be astonished to know that Bollywood produces the largest number of films in a year and far more than Hollywood. Apart from this, you can also witness the largest slum population have also end up finding the space for their own in the business capital of the country.

orchid hotel mumbai

There are various five star hotels located in the city to provide luxury accommodation to the business class travelers. These hotels lay special emphasis on catering to every single requirement of their guests as early as possible. One such five star accommodation in Orchid hotel, Mumbai, housing about 372 rooms. It is the Asia’s first certified eco-friendly property located close to the domestic airport of the city, making it easy for the business travelers to catch their flights.

orchid hotel mumbai

Along with providing classy rooms with impeccable service, Orchid hotel, Mumbai, offers the best of everything in their exclusive club floor with a private lounge along butler service. Business men can also conduct their meeting at the conference and business center of the hotel. A wide variety of cuisines are served in their various dining options that include Boulevard, Merlin’s, The Gourmet Soup, South of Vindhayas and Mostly Grills. Apart from five star hotels, there are many budget hotels that offer comfortable accommodation in cost-efficient prices in the city.


Mumbai is considered to be one of the most sought after places in India. It is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra and has been known all over the world for housing the Hindi Film Industry, which is globally known as Bollywood. But you would be astonished to know that with the one of the richest film industry, the city also gives shelter to the largest slum population of the country. Mumbai is crowned as the capital of Maharashtra and is the largest city in the state. It has the most happening nightlife in the India, hence, is often dubbed as the city that never sleeps.


Mumbai is the home to some of the great landmarks that has a major share in the Indian history. One such landmark is the Gateway of India, residing adjacent to the great Arabian Sea. It plays an important role in boosting the tourism of the city. Sharing the coastline with the sea, Mumbai has ample of great beaches that provide the needed place away from the hustle bustle of the city. Some of the most popular ones are Juhu, Chowpatty, Marine Drive and more. Not only travelers, but people from the city too love visiting these beaches throughout the day.

mumbai hotel

It is been said that the sunsets here on the beach provides a sight to behold to the visitors. An active visitor can also go more in the city to explore the different facets of Mumbai. From great museums, libraries to spectacular landmarks, you would find these all in the city. As it is visited by thousands of travelers throughout the day, Mumbai provides the needed accommodation at the options that suit the best to them.

westin mumbai

There are budget hotels where you will get clean rooms furnished with basic amenities. Every budget hotel in Mumbai lays efforts in fulfilling your basic requirements at earliest possible. Business class travelers can settle down with a five star hotel in Mumbai. There are plenty in the city and known for pampering you with the best of everything. You would find highly advanced facilities with lavishly designed rooms at five star hotels.   

Mumbai is one of the most happening places in India. Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is crowned as the business capital of the country. It is also the capital of the state and a fine amalgamation of not only the cities in Maharashtra but also in rest of India. A large number of companies with huge turnover are housed in the city to explore the field and provide employment opportunities to the locals. Their headquarters also grab the attention of millions residing outside the city and induces them to be in Mumbai in exploring business opportunities.


Mumbai is considered to be a unique city that has something for its every visitor. Apart from being a business capital, the city is also quite a hit when it comes to entertainment. An industry that produces the largest number of films is housed here along with Marathi Film Industry and Television Film Industry. The city never fails to impress people who are here to explore its beauty. From landmarks to great beaches, you would find it all here. However, these places remain extra crowded but you can easily make a moment of your own at renowned places of the city.

Gateway of India

One of the most talked about places is the Gateway of India that works as the symbol of the city. Built ages ago, this landmark is located adjacent to the great Arabian Sea and is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. Close to the Gateway of India, you would locate the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. It has been said that this hotel has been established here long before the Gateway of India was built.


The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai is known for serving everyone from prestigious legends to common man with the best of everything. This hotel houses some of the luxuriously designed rooms overlooking the Arabian Sea. You would find plenty of other great options in the city when it comes to accommodation. Mumbai houses of the world-famous international hotel chains. An idea to stay in a budget hotel to spend less on accommodation and more on traveling also works perfect in a city like Mumbai.

When you think about Mumbai, the first picture you would draw in your mind would be of cluster of people moving with a pace on the roads. Well, the city is a lot more than what you have ever imagined. Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra on the western side, Mumbai forms a mini India with the unique combination of culture and people that belong to different corners of the country. A large number of migrants arrive with a dream in a city, which is known for making one’s dreams into reality.


Here, you can get ample of job opportunities as there are some of the great multi-national companies sharing land with big Indian industries that attracts thousands of business men throughout the year. it is their presence and their big turnovers that Mumbai has now been projected the business capital of the country to the outside world. Not only the hardcore industries, you would also find the home of Hindi Film Industry, widely known as Bollywood, Television Industry and Marathi Film Industry. These provide employment to everyone from an illiterate to literate.


Apart from these, Mumbai is certainly a paradise for people who like to party out loud till the wee hours. Its nightlife is said to be the most happening one in the country. But to maintain the decorum, you would police officials on every nook and corner of the city. These keep an eye over the city to ensure everything is under control. However, the city never fails to impress the young brigade in the nights.


Travelers can also have a ball of a time while exploring the most talked about tourist destinations of the city. Some of these include the Gateway of India, Haji Ali Dargah, Sidhivinayak Temple and more. You can also relax and unwind in the serene and pristine beaches like Juhu, Chowpatty, Marine Drive and more. For accommodation, hotel Taj Mumbai is considered the best place to live in while in the city. Hotel Taj Mumbai does everything what it takes to make you feel like a King or Queen.

Mumbai is one of the dream destinations of the travelers. Not only for its landmarks but also the culture of the city that attract thousands of travelers all year round.  There is no dearth of hotels when it comes to Mumbai. Here, I am providing the list of lavish hotels in the city for the people who prefer luxury.

The Taj Mahal Palace

hotel taj

It was built in 1903 and is widely acknowledged for accommodating everyone from royalty to common folk. It is eye-appealing with many archways, chandeliers, turrets and domes. Moreover, it boasts of a wide collection of artifacts and art work, providing eclectic feeling to its guests. The Taj Mahal Palace is in the league of its own with the combination of Moorish, Florentine and Moorish styles. Here, you can get lavish rooms overlooking the Gateway of India, with world-class service.

The Oberoi

the oberoi mumbai

The group is widely renowned for establishing the most luxurious hotels in India and The Oberoi in Mumbai is no exception. Recently, the hotel got revamped to look more attractive to its guests. The Oberoi offers 214 rooms, 73 suites that are luxuriously furnished with the advanced technology. You can book a room overlooking the Arabian Sea here. The room includes iPod docking station, wireless internet along with the High Definition Media Interface hub at the writing desk for connecting electronic gadgets to TV.

Four Seasons

the four seasons mumbai

The Four Season is counted among the best Mumbai hotels. This business hotel was inaugurated in May 2008 and is known for making an opulent and discreet environment for its guests. Located in the central city bayside suburb of Warli, The Four Seasons lays emphasis in catering to all of your demands as early as possible.  It provides 202 guest rooms and suites that overlook the Arabain Sea, the city skyline and Mahalaxmi Racecource, with impeccable service.

Apart from these, there are many budget Mumbai hotels that offer accommodation at cost-efficient prices. People who do not like to spend much on accommodation can settle with a budget hotel in the city. These are known for fulfilling your basic needs at earliest possible.

Charges are framed against the most popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan by a Mumbai court today. The 2002 hit and run case of Mr. Khan for which he may have to serve a jail term of up to 10 years now also included under the harsh provisions relating to the culpable homicide.

salman khan

However, this superstar of Bollywood had earlier tried for a lesser offence that states causing death by negligence (Section 304 A of IPC) in which he has to serve a jail term of up to 2 years only. This will now stand trial under a more stringent law that pertains to culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which includes a maximum punishment of 10 years.


U B Hejib, the session’s judge, who pleaded “not guilty” read out the charges to Bollywood actor Salman Khan. The court will not issue the summonses to witnesses and record their statements to set in motion the trial. Salam came to the court with a glum face wearing a grey shirt and black trousers. He was charged under sections 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life), sections 304 (2) (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), 427 (mischief causing damage to property) of the Indian Penal Code, 279 (rash and negligent driving) and 338 (causing grievous hurt).

506304bbb098b3ecabb4dfd23363ded9_ls (1)

Besides, he was also charged with sections 181(driving vehicle in contravention of rules) read with sections 34(a)and(b) (cancellation of registration of vehicle) and 185 (driving at great speed after taking drinks) of the Motor Vehicles Act along with Bombay Prohibition Act for drinking and driving in the Mumbai court.

salman outside jail

47 years old, Mr. Khan is also directed to be present in the court whenever required. The judge has initially decided not to frame charges against Salman Khan as he had been transferred and now a new Judge will be holding the trial. However, Shankar Erande, the prosecutor, insisted the judge to frame the charges today itself to avoid delay. In return, he framed the charges and adjourned the hit and run case to August 19.

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Mumbai is one of the best cities in India offering something or other to rejoice, to its every visitor. Though there is a lot of accommodation options available in the city, but when it comes to five star lavish hotels, the only property that strikes the most is The Taj Mahal Palace by Taj Group. Standing tall in the city, this hotel is certainly a masterpiece. You would be astonished to know that the history of The Taj and Mumbai is dramatically intertwined. This hotel was the first harbor landmark that was constructed about 21 years before the Gateway of India, another harbor landmark. Moreover, it became the first hotel to own the license for starting a bar in the city.


The Taj Mahal Palace played an intrinsic role in the life of the city for more than a century severing Maharajas, dignitaries and great personalities from different corners of the world. In the present time, it stands as a leading hotel of the world and top preferred destination for discerning business class travelers. There is a story to get unfolded behind every pillar built in The Taj. This hotel offers 560 rooms including 44 suites that overlook the gigantic Gateway of India and a panoramic view of the Bay. These lavish rooms are the perfect blend of modern convenience and rich history.


The Taj Mahal, Mumbai is a great venue for organizing weddings ensuring unique menus are designed for its every ceremony. They design indoor and outdoor venues with utmost precision as directed by the clients, while adding their own unique twist. Moreover, the hotel offers beautiful accommodations for your guests. Event planning here is a mix of creativity and detail. The Taj team collaborates with their clients to create memorable settings and themes for dances, dinners, receptions and buffets.

dining at taj

In private dining options at The Taj Mahal, Mumbai, you can indulge in a five course meal. You can also opt to relish the delicious food in one of their lavish grand ballrooms. They are quite good in making things pleasurable just for you. No matter, whether you want to have a charming courtyard, stunning rooftops views or a candlelit wine cellars, The Taj can easily accommodate your each and every wish. The hotel invites you to come and become a part of the legend.

No doubt, Mumbai is one of the well-established cities in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Often dubbed as the city that never sleeps, it has risen up as the financial capital of the country. Many education institutes and MNCs are based here grabbing the attention of people from different corners of the world. Apart from this, there are many other places in Mumbai that can dazzle up your leisure time in the city. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Mumbai:

Marine Drive – Nariman Point

marine drive1

About 10 minutes walk away from Churchgate station, this place is by far the best spot of the city. This 3 km long stretch is not less than a paradise for people living here and of course for travelers who come to witness this gorgeous lane in person. As compared to other spots in Mumbai, it is comparatively clean and tidy. You will find people from all age groups at this spot.

Gateway of India – Hotel Taj Palace


Just 10 minutes away from CST station, these two historically important monuments acts as the pillar of the city. Both The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace and The Gateway of India were built by Jamshedji Tata. Thousands of travelers come all the way to Mumbai to admire them closely. While the Gateway of India acts as a tourist destination, The Taj Mahal Palace provides lavish accommodation to the travelers.

Colaba Causeway


It acts as the ultimate shopping destination for foreigners and college students. About 10 minutes from CST station, Colaba Causeway boasts with street shops on the pavements outside the branded stores. Located right behind the Taj, this place is considered to be the liveliest and the costliest place in Mumbai. Here, you can locate famous bars like Leopold Café, Café Mondegar along with great street food restaurants like Bademiya. One of the oldest theaters is also located here.

Siddhivinayak Temple


This temple is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, son of deity Shiva. About 15 minutes walk away from Dadar Railway Station, Siddhivinayak Temple is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year. People stand here in long queues to get the glimpse of the gigantic idol of Ganesha and seek his blessings. It is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

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